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Strong Women Quotes

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Improving Conversions on Your Website: The Missing Factors

You have built your website and maybe you even have a lot of traffic – so now that you have accomplished the difficult portion of work, maybe you are asking yourself why more people aren’t ‘converting’.

Mapping Your Buyers Journey Through Your Website

  Understanding what motivates those who visit your website to either contact you, make a reservation or a purchase is critical in today’s world were the attention span of most is growing smaller by the second. If you don’t show the potential customer immediately what they need – forget about it. Grocery stores for years […]

Feeling Overwhelmed As a Small Business Owner: Here Are Why Smart People Under Perform

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I love gathering information and tips from other professionals. There are so many amazing, creative, and extremely articulate people online and in print today that when seeking resources, it is just a matter of time. Today’s tips were extracted from an interview between Maria Forleo and leading expert on entrepreneurial ADD and Psychiatrist and Author […]

Facebook To Roll Out New Post Responses Beyond “Like”

So what type of buttons will Facebook be rolling out? The button is actually a series of emoticons that you can choose from. Facebook apparently worked with sociologists to carefully choose images that represent the emotions Facebook finds appropriate and not too negative.

Blogging With SEO In Mind

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  Creating quality content is of utmost importance today in a world filled with a whole lot of information. Writing a really quality piece of content for your blog on your website has the potential to gain your business website visits. Use Keyword-Rich Titles Blogs are powerful within search engines and show up in particular […]

Making It Happen: Personal Experience Ignites a Career Path

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When a person’s body and mind are in balance, optimal health just seems follow. This was surely the case with Dr. Lisa Maturo of Tempe, Arizona. Her own body was out of alignment, which drew her to research and seek out more information on balancing hormones. “There is quite a bit in medical literature to […]

Chicago Single and Sober Dating Website Giveaway

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People Making It Happen A shout out to the man, who prefers to be anonymous – who developed the new website to assist those who are single and sober in Chicago to find one another. Yes, it is an online dating website for the people of Chicagoland. And….they are having a Date Night Giveaway. Check […]

Google Local Map Search Results in a 3-Pack Rather than 7-Pack

You may have noticed that when searching for a local service in your community, that Google is now showing only three businesses at a time with their Google local and map service. In prior years, at least seven services could show up depending on how many listings were available. For example, if I search for […]

How Do You Know It Works? Feedback and Marketing

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To this day, on every single Sunday in every single market, this company still buys newspaper advertising –even though the only real piece of feedback they ever got is that the ads don’t work.