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Case Studies

hatch river expeditionsHatch River Expeditions asked us to audit their website and help them find their way to page one of searches for “grand canyon rafting.” We designed a plan that would eventually help them rank better but in the interim we wanted to increase bookings for them so that their return on investment with SEO Essential Solutions was high. Building out a plan that involved blogging, social media and online advertising, Hatch River Expeditions saw an increase of almost 20% per month in bookings. In early 2015, prior to the whitewater raft season opening, Hatch was booked to full capacity due to our services.


Four Seasonfour season guides Guides asked us to help them manage their Adwords account. They were impressed with the work and results they received so much they then asked us to work on their SEO and social media. Bookings for trips have grown so much that they are not only filling up trips but also getting international recognition for the quality of their hikes and professionalism of the guides.  Running a press campaign that included contacting travel journalists personally, we were able to stir up just enough interest to get this company some very quality coverage by some prestigious magazines.




carometecCarometec USA (now ITEC America) came to us after expanding their fifty-four year old Danish carcass grading equipment company into the automated sanitation equipment industry. This company’s new, extremely well-made and high quality equipment was designed for companies that prepare and handle food, pharmaceuticals, or any other substance that has to remain completely clean and germ free.

The strategy for Carometec included performing keyword research to determine how people in their targeted industry were searching for companies like them. We would then tie specific keywords and key rich description codes behind each page and within the copy of pages.

Second, we would reach out to places we knew Carometec’s target demographics were hanging out and put their information in front of them regarding HACCP standards and how Carometec’s equipment was perfect for meeting those standards. We built out a LinkedIn account, developed optimized press releases, created an on-site blog that we would then distribute content from to various publications as well as building out social media accounts. We developed an email capture form for their website so that a monthly newsletter could be produced by us that would feature their equipment and blog articles to a specific target audience we have grown over time.

Within a year, Carometec was showing up in the search engines on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and were the number one listing for a number of targeted words and phrases. Today, the company is showing up for more than a dozen competitive keywords on the first page of Google and eight of those keywords are number one within Google, Yahoo and Bing. Carometec is located near our Galena, Illinois SEO office.

madison wisconsin seoFishidy, a Madison, Wisconsin start-up, asked us to assist them in building an SEO and Social Media Strategy. We put together a full audit along with a multi-page list of suggestions and fixes for both on the website and within social media platforms.

Fishidy went on to hire a full-time in house digital marketing directory once they began to see some real movement with their website and their very cool fishing app. See more about this start-up company’s success at the bottom of the page.


Other Online Marketing Case Studies

  • YOGA CHAIN- A large international chain of yoga companies were seeking ways to improve their online presence and recover from a loss of sales due to a handful of outside reputation issues. We began by creating and marketing positive brand messages and spreading those messages through as many online channels as possible.  We also ran an updated keyword study and re-branded individual pages within the site so that they would be strong enough to bring in their own traffic as an individual page. Our team also developed strategic Google Ad-word campaigns and targeted them within specific geographic areas where the client’s studios were located. We did the same with their social media accounts and optimized press releases. Last we optimized, hundreds of videos on YouTube targeting specific demographics which assisted in an overall traffic increase of 30% in just one year.
  • AUTHOR – A new author who had written 2 books prior, came to us wanting to become a NY Times Best-Seller with his newest piece. With a digital marketing investment, anything is possible. Before the book even went to print, we had thousands on the pre-order list. Even more purchased immediately upon release. After many months of planning and implementation, he became a NY Times Best Selling Author and continues to write books piggy-backing the success of this piece.
  • START-UP COMPANY WITH AN APP – A start-up company only a few years old came to us to assist them in selling and promoting a specific piece of equipment for fishing anglers wanted to grow its user base and gain more notoriety. We began working with this company in January of 2013 and designed a year long marketing strategy that included digital, print, and video. This strategy was followed by a detailed social media audit and year-long strategy with suggested repairs and fixes. In just four short months the company saw a drastic spike through our reporting that increased website traffic from a few hundred visitors to over 40,000.fishidy