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Complete Digital Marketing Audit

SEO Audits or Digital Marketing Audits by SEO Essential Solutions are more than a simple scan of your website for code errors. While we analyze your website fully using software programs we pay for, we also analyze your Google Analytics, any Pay Per Click Campaigns (such as Google Adwords) that you may utilize. We also dig into your social media presence, sneak a peek behind your competitor’s site and also review the plain-ole usability of your website.

Digital Marketing Audit $400


Completing a digital marketing audit takes hours of our time and expertise, which is then followed by a carefully written report with various attachments of graphs and spreadsheets outlining everything we discovered about your digital presence.

If you would like more information about having your digital marketing presence audited, please complete the form below. Pricing starts at $400. Our added bonus is, if you choose to move forward with one of our proposals thereafter, we will apply your audit payment to the first month of service… this making your audit with SEO Essential Solutions absolutely free.

Arizona Digital Marketing Audit


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When hiring SEO Essential Solutions for a digital marketing audit we will ask for the following:

  • Access to your Google Analytics Account
  • Access to your PPC Accounts
  • Names of all the social media outlets you are aware of
  • Names of all the websites/blogs you own (your digital real estate)
  • Names of one competitor closest to you in size and type

After gathering the above information, we will begin running a series of tests on your website. We will also compare a proprietary set of criteria we have developed, (according to priority) against your digital marketing presence. From this comparison we will outline strengths and weaknesses. We will also outline within the report and with accompanying proposals, fixes and repairs by value of importance. Within your report we will place as many screenshots and graphs as we can to visually point out what we have discovered. We will also attach the complete reports in the form of PDF’s and Excel spreadsheets for your review.


Digital Marketing Audit Information

Each company’s report will vary in depth depending on the amount of access and information that can be obtained.

In-depth reports are like virtual consultations and require a lot of our team’s time and expertise. Such reports can expose basic errors to critical errors that could be driving traffic and sales away. Errors we find may include:

  • Broken Code
  • No Follow Code – which blocks search engines for scanning or recognizing your website
  • Error pages
  • Broken links
  • Broken buttons
  • Critical but missing title and description tags designed specifically for each page of your website and not the default tags that may have been installed with your website’s theme
  • Missing alt and title tags behind images which result in them not showing up in Google Image search.
  • Improper use of Social Platforms that aren’t converting traffic to website visitors

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