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How Facebook Tracks You: Gaining The Marketing Benefits

Posted on June 26th, by Pamela Ravenwood in Facebook Marketing. 2 comments

We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We want to stay in touch with friends, play a little Candy Crush, know when someone in the family has had a baby or has died – unfortunately Facebook has become the premier tool of all things news. Because we use this platform so often to gather […]

Visual Storytelling For Your Adventure Tourism Company

Posted on May 30th, by Pamela Ravenwood in DIY SEO, Facebook Marketing, SEO. No Comments

In the ever changing industry of digital marketing, social media platforms are now encouraging users to leverage visual storytelling. Companies like Facebook are even rewarding users who implement Facebook Live by serving the post up to more users than an average post would. Instagram has implemented stories, taking their cue from Snapchat because of its […]

The Value of Following Social Accounts

Posted on May 24th, by Pamela Ravenwood in Facebook Marketing. 3 comments

If you love a great deal for yourself or someone you love, often the best hidden secrets lie within company’s social media accounts, specifically Facebook. To find these deals, it’s often best to follow all of your favorite company’s social accounts and stay active within them so that the Facebook algorithm remembers to serve up […]

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Small Business

Posted on May 16th, by Pamela Ravenwood in Facebook Marketing. No Comments

You have heard of SEO and optimizing your website, but have you optimized your business Facebook account? Are you using Facebook to market your small business properly? Or do you find yourself confused and lost?     In the past, Facebook was just considered a social tool, a way of communicating with clients and potential […]

Taking Something and Making It Better: Bookbub’s Marketing Strategy

  When one thinks of book sales, they often think of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For independent authors or publishers this equals a near death sentence in launching a book that hasn’t been listed on the New York Times Bestseller List or can’t seem to gain traction within mainstream venues. The E-book has given […]