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Taking Something and Making It Better: Bookbub’s Marketing Strategy

  When one thinks of book sales, they often think of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For independent authors or publishers this equals a near death sentence in launching a book that hasn’t been listed on the New York Times Bestseller List or can’t seem to gain traction within mainstream venues. The E-book has given […]

Facebook To Roll Out New Post Responses Beyond “Like”

So what type of buttons will Facebook be rolling out? The button is actually a series of emoticons that you can choose from. Facebook apparently worked with sociologists to carefully choose images that represent the emotions Facebook finds appropriate and not too negative.

Losing Facebook Likes? It Could Be Facebook

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If you have noticed a dip in your Facebook Page Likes it may be due to Facebook’s new purge. According to Facebook’s blog, the company is “Making Page Likes More Meaningful.” What does More Meaningful mean? Facebook is scanning your Likes to determine if the accounts are active and removing any likes from memorialized or […]

Facebook Is Blowing Adwords Out of The Water

True story, client who has had an ongoing Google Adwords budget comes to us stating they need more business. Client states they can’t seem to compete organically as their competition has ten times the budget they have and their Adwords are just performing so so. This is a story we hear often – people don’t […]

Facebook Rolls Out New Ad To Include Calls To Action

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We all know how important it is to integrate Calls to Action (CTA) into our posts or ads. Facebook has now created a button that makes this important piece of marketing easier for business owners. Because the Facebook CTA button has just been rolled out, not everybody will have the opportunity to use it yet. […]