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Google Adwords and Internet Marketing

In addition to organically optimizing your website to help it rank naturally in search engines, paying for ads within Search Results and on other sites helps to build your brand awareness. Paying for Google Adwords is a little different than paying for traditional advertising. With traditional advertising, you pay for an ad and hope lots of people see it and respond to it.

With Google Adwords you can set up your account to where you only pay each time somebody actually clicks on your ad. This is called Pay Per Click.

Google Adwords example

Google Adwords are created on the basis of keywords. The professional who organizes your Google Adwords account will research specific keywords that your ad will show for and integrate those ads into your campaign. The cost of your ads will be based on the keyword used by the searcher and its cost.

Ads don’t only show in Search results, they also appear on sites that show ads, including Gmail, YouTube and thousands of other locations. This is the beauty if Google Adwords. Let’s say you are researching wedding rings as you are considering the purchase of one. As you are reading up on wedding rings through an online news source, your ad could show up on the website – such as with this article on about buying engagement rings or wedding rings.

Google Adwords are great for small businesses. Ad campaigns can be limited by geography. This means that if you sell air conditioning units in Phoenix, Arizona, you can set your ads to show only to people who live in Arizona, or to only people who live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This keeps ads from showing up in Alaska or other parts of the world where you do not provide service.

Google Adwords results are easy to track as well. With the integration of Google Analytics into your site, your Internet Marketing professional can determine who clicked on your site, whether they responded to the ad, what pages they visited on your website and more. The amount of marketing information gleaned from Google Adwords is almost limitless and this is why online advertising is beginning to surpass print advertising.

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