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How Do I Increase Website Traffic and Find More Sales Leads

Glad You Asked!

Many business owners made the first step within the Internet world by building a website. Maybe you are one of them. Now some time has passed and you are asking yourself, why isn’t anybody visiting my website? Or, when people do come to my website, I never hear from them again.

Want More Tips On How You Can Take SEO Into Your Own Hands?

If you are this person, we are the company you are looking for. At SEO Essential Solutions we help you analyze your current internet standings and help you devise an internet marketing strategy that will help you build quality leads and grab your potential client’s interest.

Where Do I Start?

Business PeopleIf you are like most people, once you have discovered you need an Internet Marketing plan, your second question is, well who do I hire and how much is it going to cost me? We understand those fears and concerns as we have been there ourselves and this is why we are in the business now. Hiring the right Internet Marketing specialist is tricky business because it is so easy to fake.

If you have done your research, you have probably discovered this yourself. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of or made a fool of. This is why our business is so successful and why we get so many referrals. We are straight-forward, honest, affordable and we know what we are doing. If you want to know more about us you can even spy on us through our LinkedIn Profiles, just go to our About Page and begin spying from there.

The second best thing about us is that we don’t ask anybody to sign long expensive contracts. Our clients work us on a month-to-month basis. If we don’t do what we say we will, they fire us – that easy. This is also why many businesses prefer to useOnline internet marketing sedona companies like ours as opposed to trying to hire an SEO Specialist or Social Media expert – should they not know what they are doing, it is difficult to just fire them. We specialize in social media for small businesses and we can help you.

At SEO Esssential Solutions, we provide the essential solutions to your Internet Marketing needs. We don’t pad your proposal with needless extras nor do we bullshit you with bells and whistles. We provide our clients with the basics to get their website on track and in the running with their competitors. We also build brand awareness and loyalty with your current clientele and potential clientele.

What is the Next Step?

Okay, now that you have determined that you need more business, the next step is to determine how to achieve this.

right_32We will assist you in analyzing your website and current marketing strategy as well as develop a new plan based on your goals.


right_32We will write out a proposal with all the fixes we think you need along with prices for each fix. Pricing starts at $200, which is within anybody’s budget.


right_32Your job will be to determine how many of those fixes you can afford and then put us to work.


right_32We are strong believers in Inbound Marketing. We will work with you in creating your Inbound Marketing Strategy from A to Z as we are your Inbound Marketing Company.



What do you have to lose? Nothing! Every little bit of change you make to your website and marketing strategy is money well spent and a good investment in your business.

Are you ready to take the plunge? If so, you can contact us a couple of ways. You can either call us at our Arizona phone number or our at our midwest location in Galena, Illinois. If you aren’t a phone person, fill out our contact form and let us get back in touch with you and help get you started. It is that easy.

So here is the information you need to get started:

Arizona Phone Number:  480-788-8026

Illinois Phone Number: 815-694-0717

Toll Free – 1-866-269-0233