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How We Work

Our Marketing Philosophy

We believe that earning you and your company the highest return on your investment is a top priority. Determining where your highest return will come from requires us to examine your current business practices, marketing endeavors and presence online. Once we have a picture of what your company is currently doing, who your competitors are, who your target customer is and the goal to be achieved, we strategically set out to design a marketing plan that gets the job done.

How We See Ourselves

We are strategic and think outside of the box when it comes to connecting your customers with your brand.  Using a tool box of digital technology and best practices, we design a digital marketing plan specific to your needs. We aren’t your ordinary company that checks off boxes on a long list of digital to-do’s, we creatively built strategy that we feel will best serve your company’s mission.

Behind all of the strategy, we also carefully study the analytics and KPI’s of your marketing plan to best assess pivot points and areas of momentum. Month-by-month we re-evaluate the base strategy that we have designed for your company and compare it to the reports we develop.


Here at SEO Essential Solutions we want to be a critical extension of your company, a digital arm to assist you. We pride ourselves on our work and results. We expect the best from ourselves and would apply no lesser standard to your company’s marketing processes.

Our Processes

Once you have contacted SEO Essential Solutions, a team member will discuss your business goals and budget.  We will also review what you have or haven’t already tried via digital marketing efforts. From here we will talk to you about conducting an online audit. Our companies online audits cost $400 and within that audit you will receive valuable information about what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are online and what fixes are suggested. We will also develop a proposal from this audit outlining costs to help you meet your goals.

If you continue to do work with our company, your $400 will be credited back to you, making your marketing audit completely free.

What We Do

SEO and building a Digital Marketing Presence can be a complex subject for most people – much the same way surgery and operations might be to our team. If you’re not doing it, writing about it, talking about it every day – it sounds like a different language. The concern business owners have regarding receiving good and quality service is common and this is why it is important for the team at SEO Essential Solutions to spend as much time as possible providing detailed information to you. In addition to educating our clients about what we are doing on your behalf each month, or with each project, we go over your reporting with you so that you understand what you are paying for and how it is working for your business.