Industrial Equipment Sales and Marketing |

Industrial Equipment Sales and Marketing

If you have industrial equipment to sale to other businesses, whether it is in oil, natural gas, construction, agriculture or food, you know that getting your company name and product in front of the right people is important. Trade shows, print advertising and cold calling does work to a certain degree but today many buyers from various industries are doing their homework online before making their purchasing decisions.

Steps to Improving Industrial Equipment Sales

1. Optimize your website so that your buyers can find your unique product easily. Let’s say you sellindustrial equipment sales seo 40 ton Gantry Cranes or something similar. If you were to type this phrase into Google, would your website show up on the front page? If not, you should have the title, description and copy for the landing page that focuses just on that particular product optimized for that keyphrase – along with all of your other landing pages and their products. The keywords also should be within your URL.

2. Start utilizing social media. It may seem counter-intuitive to use social media to sell your equipment but today’s buyers are younger and very computer savvy and you can bet they are using social media.

3.  Create a blog on your website. If you don’t have the staff to write for you blog than hire a professional writer. Having a blog will keep your website content fresh, give your potential buyers more information and help create interaction on your website which keeps the potential client on the site longer.

4. Use a newsletter or free downloads of information to capture potential buyers email addresses and names. This is the most important step of all. Make sure you are integrating into your site a way to obtain this information from your online visitors. People aren’t willing to just give you their email typically unless you give them something back in exchange – a whitepaper, video, PDF, or something that is helpful to them. This information can easily be compiled by a professional if you do not have the in-house staff to create it.