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Marketing Your Book

Are you making sure your book reaches the right readers with an Internet Marketing campaign?marketing your book
Today a lot of people are self-publishing and there are a lot of small publishing houses sprouting up. Competing with larger publishers with big budgets can be tricky but not impossible. A well thought out and laid out marketing campaign can help give your new book the  edge it needs.

We like to compare Internet Marketing for Authors to farming or gardening. If you want to grow a great product you have to start with a plan, course of action and then consistent care. We at SEO Essential Solutions can help guide you in setting up this plan.


How Do We Help You Build An Internet Marketing Campaign?

The professionals at SEO Essential Solutions first targets your market. Then the marketing campaign begins. We use a well-researched mixture of keyword research, social media, eblasts, press releases, and much more – to get your name on the first page of large search engines.

Marketing yourself on the Internet goes beyond just having your website discovered on the first page and the technical aspects that may entail. Just like any traditional business, people learn about other people’s products or services also through word-of-mouth. This is the beauty of incorporating Social Media into the mix. Social Media is an online networking system that can essentially be described online word-of-mouth.

Our talented SEO specialists keep up with the latest algorithm trends and secrets. We work hard to organically move you up in the search engine rankings, ethically and competitively, so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing reward your website for intelligent and honest work completed.


vintage-garden-catalog-sepiaSocial Media For Authors

Building relationships and your brand on the Internet is critical today. A secondary effect of Social Media is that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo also give value to website tied into social media – that is, your rankings will go up with the addition of Social Media to your online marketing campaign.

There are right and wrong ways to use Social Media. To utilize Social Media properly and often requires more listening than broadcasting. It is also about conversations and interactions that can gather people’s attention and hoan in on what you are selling. Our designated Social Media experts work instinctively on your accounts to gather your target audience and push out spammers and those not interested in what you do.


Online Publicity Building for Authors

Once the foundation of your Internet Marketing plan is built, we then work to spread the news about your book throughout the Internet. We write press releases, articles, and book reviews and then approach our close knit circle of well-known bloggers, journalist and news sites within your genre for publishing. Some call this a Blog/News Tour, we call it building online publicity. When these individuals or companies put up information about your book on their blogs you are reaching their audience and followers in addition to your very own. There is no better way to promote your book than with one of SEO Essential Solution’s Blog/News Tours.


If you are ready to promote your book online through our Internet Marketing Plan and Affordable SEO, contact us for pricing.


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