Lead Generation

Best Digital Lead Generation Tactics

    Observing the latest study on Lead Generation Strategy Trends conducted by professional surveying group Ascend2 , it was hardly a surprise that Email is still topping the list. Before you pull out your credit card and start purchasing email lists – STOP. Utilizing Email and nurture campaigns is very complex in nature. Acquiring […]

Taking Something and Making It Better: Bookbub’s Marketing Strategy

  When one thinks of book sales, they often think of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For independent authors or publishers this equals a near death sentence in launching a book that hasn’t been listed on the New York Times Bestseller List or can’t seem to gain traction within mainstream venues. The E-book has given […]

Mapping Your Buyers Journey Through Your Website

  Understanding what motivates those who visit your website to either contact you, make a reservation or a purchase is critical in today’s world were the attention span of most is growing smaller by the second. If you don’t show the potential customer immediately what they need – forget about it. Grocery stores for years […]

Building Your Email List

When one thinks of marketing, they often neglect or forget about their email list. Surprisingly, email is still relevant, despite all the negative talk about people being too busy and not using email. With email, you have a direct communication opportunity with your potential clientele that doesn’t happen with social media or pay-per-click advertising. If […]

Facebook Is Blowing Adwords Out of The Water

True story, client who has had an ongoing Google Adwords budget comes to us stating they need more business. Client states they can’t seem to compete organically as their competition has ten times the budget they have and their Adwords are just performing so so. This is a story we hear often – people don’t […]