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Responsive website design for Gossamer Gear.


Building WordPress Websites that are ‘responsive”, meaning, the website will automatically adjust in look and size to any device, whether it is mobile or a tablet, is critical today. As more and more people begin using their smartphones or tablets more than their laptops, it is important to have a quality, clean design that represents your company and its product or services along with clickable phone numbers.

Why We Love WordPress:

1. WordPress Website Themes that are responsive are also becoming more and more classy and sophisticated. While there was a time when all WordPress sites looked alike, that isn’t the case anymore. Just take a look at this variety of templates that you can choose from.

2. WordPress websites are easy for nearly every user to take over. If you want to add content to your website, blog, change out photos, make adjustments to dates or prices, using WordPress makes it easy. We can show you how.

3. WordPress plugins allows your website to become easily versatile without a lot of coding problems.


Designing Your Website

If you are ready to update your website and want a website you can easily work on and that is SEO friendly, we will walk you through the process and provide you with a quote we think you will be pleased with.

Need Function?

Not all websites are alike, some websites require Ecommerce/Shopping Carts, Blogs, Customer Login, and more. We can assist you in customizing your website based on all of your needs.

Clean Code and SEO Go Hand-in-Hand

Having a website that is well optimized often starts with the website being built with clean and quality code. If your website is showing up with duplicate pages, numerous variations of the same page and is bloated with code –  search engines such as Google will penalize you for it. We also provide website audits to determine where your website could be receiving online penalties.

We liken the construction of a website to that of a home. If the foundation of the home is built with a lot of flaws, the whole house becomes unstable. Many websites are created on shaky ground to begin with and the programmer then begins to chase his/her mistakes.  Unfortunately, the only solution is often to start over – but there are times when overhauls can be performed.

Build Your Website Right From the Start

We say, have your website built right, from the start. At SEO Essential Solutions we have a professional staff of programmers who will ensure your site has a solid foundation. While that foundation is being built, we integrate into the site necessary Search Engine Optimization. From there, your site will continue to grow with a healthy and strong start that will beat out the competition.

Contact us about a free quote on your website and let us help you start your business off on the right foot or get your online presence back on track.