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Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

SEO for attorneysAttorneys face some of the strongest competition, online and off than most markets. While many larger firms have dominated the covers of phone books in the past, today many Arizona law firms are looking at how to compete on the digital front. Portions of marketing budgets that are aimed for television and print are slowly being rolled into digital marketing.

What are a few things SEO Essential Solutions can do to assist your law firm with building a strong online presence?

1. Have a quality website without broken links, easy navigation, shows professionalism and offers enough free information in the format of a blog that trust is built between yourself and your new visitor (potential client). A blog article, whether written by people within your firm or professional writers which is additionally coded Google Authorship will help your website show up in search engines right along with some of the big budget firms such as See this example.

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2. Use your specialization and it’s associated keywords in key locations on your website so that your website will be more easily discovered online – as with the above example.

3. Consider a small Pay Per Click campaign and weigh the cost of the campaign with the number of leads received. Your Digital Marketing Analyst will be able to provide you with this ROI.

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Last, a digital marketing strategy that your Arizona law firm can implement should be designed with your experienced SEO and Online Marketing Specialist. Here at SEO Essential Solutions we do not simply provide cookie-cutter solutions but take into consideration your goals, efforts that have already been taken, problems you have encountered, your competitors and your budget.

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