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seo keyword researchDiscovering the keywords your potential customers are using to find your website isn’t as easy as you might think. Many business or site owners believe they already know which terms their customers use to find their site.

Keyword Myths

Some believe this process was already completed when they had their website created. Owners might be surprised to discover the use of keywords has become a science. The researcher must discern whether a customer is using a keyword in: sentences, plural form, slang, etc. This research and analysis can make all the difference with respects to search returns and the value of each person’s visit to your website(s).

Our company spends a great number of hours finding the keywords and phrases that your customer is using to find your company or even your competitor’s company.  We take these keywords and utilize them in the analysis of your website’s copy, page’s tags, descriptions and unique URLS. Over 83% of websites are using incorrect keywords, meta tags and copy within their website.

We don’t stop there; copy and content is critical to a sites success. There are many ways keyword rich copy is valuable. This copy can be used as link bait and the keywords as anchor text. With this proper anchor text pointing back to your website, from another site that is reputable and relevant, will add great Google ranking value to your site.

The process of searching out the right keywords for your site requires hours of research. After picking your terms we then research how many other sites are competing for those terms, how many people are searching for those terms. You can read more about Keywords on our SEO blog.

What We Look For

sedona internet marketingWhat do we look for to make sure your keywords are SEO friendly and of value to you?

  • Strong relevance to your site: terms for which you have content to support
  • Relatively high search volume: terms people are actually look for
  • Relatively low competition: terms with a small number of search results

We will usually combine a set of keywords that are both narrowly targeted niche words along with common and competitive keywords. While it is difficult to compete with the highly used and competitive keywords, they still have value.

Discovering the right keywords is then weighed against whether you are paying for Pay-Per-Click, what your budget is, if you are going strictly organic or how strong your competition is.

Contact us for more information about finding your perfect keywords for your website.

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