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Just like planting a seed with the intention of growing your favorite vegetable, flower or plant, your website requires care and nourishment. We at SEO Essential Solutions lay out the essentials you need to grow your business presence online

Trying to Understand SEO & Digital Marketing is a Problem Most Micropreneurs Face

The media tells us that Internet Marketing/SEO is expensive, and how would you even know if you were getting what you were paying for to begin with? You have probably read about it, or tried using outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you’ve already even paid for a Google or Facebook Ad, shaking your head after you’ve paid, thinking – “I sure hope this does something”.


98% of SEO Companies Do Not Cater to Micropreneurs and Small Businesses


Most SEO companies charge $2500 per project, minimum. Most in-house Digital Marketing employees start with salaries around $70-$80k per year. This is because seasoned SEO companies and professionals do not cater to the small business owner. It has been stated on many SEO forums that micropreneurs are a waste of time and ask too many questions. Ask too many questions? Well, then how are you supposed to understand how your money is being spent, and how you can begin to take SEO into your own hands?


You Have Affordable SEO & Digital Marketing Options Where Your Results are Measured


It is possible to obtain SEO work at a manageable cost. It is also possible to work with a team that can simplify the process and measure results with you, so you understand exactly what is being done and why. That team just needs to be – different than the rest


Working with Small Businesses and Microprenuers is our Passion

As a boutique SEO and Online Marketing Agency, and with most of the calls we receive each day coming from small businesses, we knew we wanted to be different. Our team has a passion for small businesses and helping them to succeed and grow with SEO/Digital Marketing. We design programs that allow you to obtain SEO work at a much more affordable cost, while also explaining what we are doing as the work progresses.




A SEO Kickstarter Pack is an easy and affordable way for a small business to begin with an SEO company. It gives you the base of everything you need, SEO. Here’s what you get:


right_32Quick-Draw Keyword Research

What the heck is this? This is when one of our team members plays ‘your potential client’ online. We look for the ‘key’ words and phrases that people around the globe are typing into Google to reach what you are offering.
For instance: Let’s say you are a Personal Trainer. Our team would then act as client looking for a personal trainer online to find terms like:

“Fitness Trainer”: Did you know that over 90,000 people are Google-ing “fitness trainer” online each month!? Did you get 90,000 phone calls this month? Let’s get a chunk of those people directed to your website!


right_32Title Tags and Description Tags for (5) of your Website Pages

After keyword research is complete, we have to put those little gems behind your website in a very specific and coded format. We’ll create those codes for 5 of your website pages, then you or your website designer just copy and paste them behind each page. It’s just that easy!

right_32Optimized Press Release Including Online Distribution

An optimized what? We’re sure you know what a press release is – some great piece of news about you or your business. One of our professional journalists writes an article highlighting your business. Topic ideas? Just a few great examples have been: a grand opening, an anniversary of years in business, a new piece of artwork being released, the launch of a new product… You choose. We write.

That press release is then distributed online to over 150,000 news sites, online journalists and bloggers. Why? Not only do we want to spread your brand across the web, but we also want interested readers to: put your press release directly onto their website to attract their unique audience, travel to your website, or call you directly! Press releases also created valuable backlinks to your website, which is nerd language for ‘increasing your website’s overall strength with Google’.

right_32Complete SEO Analysis & 6-Month Plan

After the base work is done, it’s time to find out where your website is at, and what needs to be done via SEO to move forward. Our team composes a simple, easy to read and understand analysis of your online visibility and what will need to be done via Digital Marketing.
Want to know what your Google rankings are? We’ll show you. Need to know what your competitors are doing, that you’re not, we’ll tell you! You will receive an audit document composed by our team outlining all of this, AND MORE!



Let’s summarize what you get with the SEO KICKSTARTER PACK:

  • Quick-Draw Keyword Research
  • Title Tags & Description Tags for (5) pages of your website
  • Optimized Press Release with Online Distribution to over 150,000 news sources
  • Complete SEO Analysis
  • Bonus: Sign-up before July 15, 2014 and be included in on our Monthly Do-It-Yourself-SEO Club, receiving (1) monthly tip or trick to apply to your own SEO work
  •  Bonus: Sign-up before July 1, 2014 and receive a moleskin leather Google notebook for all of your SEO notes and tips.


TOTAL COST: $998   (Value of: $1,680)

Offer Ends July 31, 2014

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Thank you,Bonnie Sedan & Pamela Ravenwood

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“I had no idea on where to start. SEO Essential Solutions just got the whole thing rolling, then provided some good momentum and help with how to follow up. Because of them I have been able to keep the ground we have gained.”
William Murphy
, Owner of High Mesa LLC 

and Author of Driving with the Brakes On

“Utilizing SEO Essential Solutions for my Online Marketing now has me on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing! I love this team of seasoned professionals that made every step of marketing my product easy and in terms that I could understand. I knew SEO was necessary, but I never knew SEO could be this beneficial and easy!”

-Peggy Rathburn
Author of Love Letter Memoirs I, II & III