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SEO: Three Reasons Why It Is Still So Important

Posted on February 24th, by Bonnie Sedan in Marketing, Marketing News, SEO. No Comments

S to the Izzo! Yes, SEO is still super fresh and very important to any website. Rumors of it dying off have left a big gap for those who are utilizing an SEO strategy to jump ahead and grab a larger portion of their target market. With that being said, and with the changes happening […]

SEO Still Has Value and This Is Why

IN ANY INDUSTRY, monetary value is assigned to almost every action. Organic traffic to a website is no exception. When one is looking into monetary values which are assigned to all marketing actions,  we can quickly see SEO and organic traffic’s value. For example, this tour company’s keywords that are found organically and driving traffic […]

Why Should I Pay For SEO

Posted on October 29th, by Managed WordPress Migration User in Affordable SEO, Arizona SEO Company, Digital Marketing News, Marketing, Online Marketing. No Comments

SEO means many things to many people these days. SEO has been used as a noun, verb, adjective, and within all types of context. The bottom line for most people when referring to SEO is “help me make more money with my website”. With this said, the approach an Internet Marketing Agency who has knowledge […]

Five Small Business Online Marketing Strategies That Are Necessary

There are a number of tricks and tips you and your small business can integrate into your online marketing strategy but we came up with what feel are the Top 5 as your SEO Solutions.   1. Author Rel Markup – This is also called Author Tags or Rel=Author. What this means is that if […]

Changes in Internet Marketing and What’s What

As we work on building our new website with our web developer, I was thinking how much things have changed since I built my first website in the early 90s. In 1992 I had first heard of the Internet from a friend. At the time I was living on a ranch in a remote area […]