Organic link building verses some of the other not so ethical tactics used to build links, have been in great controversy for SEO companies everywhere.  To Organic – Or not to Organic?  Whichever method a company chooses is completely up to them, although link building as a generality is important to the optimization algorithm.  One of the main ways in which to create strong and healthy links back to your site, starts with article writing.

There are several methods in which SEO companies may strategize to better optimize a web page using article writing – link building.  Sure, there is a method to the article writing madness, but is there a wrong way in which to write good content to build links?  Sure.  Does it matter if I am having my SEO company write four articles a month or twenty?  Sure.

Research:SEO Copywriting

If an article is not, researched correctly; consistent with keyword density, as well as consistent in links used throughout the piece, it can be considered worthless.  If a good piece of content is written strategically and correctly, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major sites, will take notice.

How Many Articles Is Enough?:

When it comes to the amount of organic back links one gets via article writing, the more the better.  Although, more isn’t always better, if the links back to you are weak, untrustworthy, or false.  It actually can hurt a website to link to a site that is not at all relevant to your site.  This is referred to as a black hat – and this is NOT what you want your SEO company doing to your site.

Where Do These Articles Go?:

After an SEO article is written, what are SEO companies doing with them to create such great links?  It takes a lot of time and hard work; sending the articles to the right sites, and convincing trustworthy and high ranking blogs to post the information.  The methods of making those true back link connections via article writing are somewhat difficult, and every SEO company has their own method.

The reality of the situation is, without experience in writing these articles, and knowing where to place them – you may be wasting valuable time and resources.  But when done correctly, article writing to create back links to your site, has a proven record of success.

Pamela Ravenwood is an SEO consultant in Sedona, Arizona with SEO Essential Solutions.  Ravenwood specializes in SEO Content, SEO Press Releases and  increasing website rankings.