This blog post was created to educate people on the value of using blogs or optimized articles as an element of optimizing your website and drawing visitors to your website. If you would like more information about adding a blog to your website or hiring our professional writers, please contact us.


A common question asked of many website owners is “how do we increase website traffic?” While the answer may depend on your marketing budget, there is no doubt that the most affordable way to do it is through making sure your basic SEO is in place and then having a blog with great content.

A well written article that answers a question that your potential customer may have will gain not only traffic but the type of website traffic that could lead to a conversion (or sale, or new client).

For those who are still skeptical about the value of quality content on their website, I would say just ask anybody who monitors the amount of traffic coming to their site and what pages they are visiting and you will find your answer.

Now, if your site is rather unknown, don’t expect thousands of visitors, unless your article goes viral. A good number of visitors can be around 100 to 200 more than you would usually gain within a month’s time. While that doesn’t seem like a large number to many, think about what 200 visitors would cost you if you were using only Google pay-per-click to gain those hits.

For example, to bid on a term that would show up on the front page of Google could run anywhere from $3.00 and up per click, depending on the competition for that term. So, going on the less expensive side, let’s say your search terms are averaging only $3.00 per click. If you were able to get 200 visitors to click on your search term, that amount of traffic would therefore cost $600. Compare that to one well-written article that costs anywhere from $40 to $100 and you can see how the savings quickly adds up.

Affordable SEO

The value of articles on your website within a blog not only draws traffic to your site, it also establishes you as a professional, somebody who is knowledgeable about your field. So, worst case scenario, your visitor is one of those do-it-yourself types of people who is just gathering information so they can tackle their problem by themselves – comes across your site, reads your article, bookmarks it, and later realizes they don’t have the time or expertise to handle their problem after all – may come back to your company’s website and ask for help.

Well optimized SEO articles are worth the marketing dollars invested and most certainly can increase website traffic.