In the old days, when I worked as a journalist, I remember sieving through hundreds of press releases, trying to determine which were most newsworthy. Some had a sales pitch and were only companies looking for free advertising. It was then that I discovered that the smartest companies were able to create free marketing and disguise it so well as news, that they of course did receive free advertising while we at the newspaper also received our newsworthy content.

seo press releaseToday, press releases are just as valuable but now. One can submit them digitally and receive more value than you can ever imagine. When clients come to us asking for a basic marketing package, we almost always suggest that they include a press release.

What value is there in a press release beyond the obvious – that is, getting information out to the media for free about your company? Here’s how it works:

1. Use Strategy. The use of strategically researched keywords and phrases placed in the heading of the press release and then within the body to attract people looking for your specific product in search engines, is most important. For example, I wrote a press release back in 2007 for a website I own called I knew a common question or keyphrase was “who lived in my house”. I therefore titled my press release “Who Lived in My House Before Me?” The press release still shows up on a blog whereupon somebody picked up that press release and printed it for me. I still get traffic to my website from that press release , even five years later.

2. Integrate Links. The use of links back to a site is also important. Press release sites such as PRWeb allows anyone to insert links into their press release (that is for a hefty cost). What this means is that you are allowed to highlight certain keywords within your press release and link them to your website or anywhere you would like. Knowing how Google loves to give websites higher rankings that have a higher number of backlinks, this is invaluable. Making those links tied into what is called anchor text that contains your keywords is also valuable. 

3. Recognize other value. These press releases get picked up by journalists and other website owners and reprinted, not only providing you a backlink from’s website but other sites as well.

A well optimized press release is worth its weight in SEO gold and highly encouraged. Every company has newsworthy events and information of some sort that could warrant creating a press release – so start moving your website up in the search engines today.