Welcome to another SEO Essential Solutions blog post from sunny Sedona, Arizona. Today’s post will be on Social Media Value.

Social MediaAlmost everybody has heard of Social Media. Before the term ‘social media’ became popular, people were building Facebook pages and learning about Twitter. Soon, businesses were quickly seeing the value of a Facebook business page or a Twitter business page – but then came the problem of drawing traffic to these sites or knowing what to write about day-to-day.

There are many creative examples in the business world of effective social media strategies and from them smaller businesses have been taking their cue. Cross marketing a brand name, launching of new products combined with enticing people to become ‘a part’ of the company by following them on Facebook or Twitter is just a small part of what businesses are doing. And then there is keeping up with all the changes Facebook implements nearly year-to-year.sedona social media

As of 2012, Internet Marking companies have quickly discovered what it takes to create an operate a successful Social Media campaign. Where we are located in Sedona Arizona, we are seeing numerous resorts and companies using these strategies quite effectively – including of course the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber offers contests to gather followers and they provide travel information for those who are Sedona fans – people who have already been to Sedona and for those who plan to visit Sedona. Within their Twitter gallery you will also find photos of Sedona.

Another Sedona company that uses social media well is L’Auberge de Sedona. As you can see this company had already integrated new required Facebook timeline (that will officially be used by everybody March 30). They have also taken advantage of the application buttons by putting up their own images and information that include: Photos, Likes, Map and Events.  The resort’s address is used and has a link to a map and more information.

Social Media Strategies

1. Use social media to meet new people and develop brand awareness. Social media was meant for networking. To do this effectively requires time as you are building relationships and trust.

2. Don’t just talk about your company. Offer people interesting information that helps them. Maybe you read an interesting article on how to most effectively organize your office and your company is in the business of selling office supplies – link to that article. (If you are really on top of your Internet Marketing, that article will be on your website inside of your blog – therefore linking back to your own site). To know what information to offer others is to strategize and research your market and know ahead of time the types of questions they are asking.

3. Listen to what others are saying and respond. Interact with others, everybody wants to be heard. Show people you really care and aren’t out to just sell them something. This builds relationships and trust.

4. If you read something interesting within the realm of social media – for Gods sake share it. If you want people to share your information then do a favor back by sharing their information. Retweeting, Liking, Plussing – there are many ways to share information through social media as this is what it was designed for.

5. Track results. How is your social media campaign performing? It is bringing in new referrals or contacts? Are people talking about your brand and if so, is it positive or negative? Not all negative social media is a bad thing. Maybe you can learn something about your company or brand that you didn’t know and fix it quickly before the problem grows. If positive, thank the person and know you are doing something right.

6. Look at what other successful companies are doing to attract Followers or Likes to their social media accounts. The ideas are numerous from contests to giveaways. Some companies offer exclusive online offers and discounts to their social media followers.

Social media doesn’t have to be difficult but it also isn’t as easy as it seems. Social media campaigns can be ran superficially or they can be operated like a true business strategy.