I have been off of Facebook for a while, that is, I pulled down my personal account. My only connection with Facebook was professionally, managing clients Pages. But due to Facebook changing nearly daily and needing a first account perspective of best practices, I decided to reopen my Profile account.

Sometimes when you are too close to something you don’t notice the subtle changes and nuances, therefore stepping away helps one gain perspective. So what is my point? Facebook has a very different feel to it lately. I blame Timeline.  Why Timeline? Due to Timeline’s very image driven layout, people are realizing their pages look flat when purely putting up their status or comments and therefore they are now adding all of these corny photos with cutsie quotes. This is all I see on my Profile wall these days.

Facebook is beginning to lose its ‘personal’ feel as people compete for visual attention. Add to this the fact that Facebook has become a strong influencing factor in website rankings with Google, Yahoo and MSN, and suddenly one is seeing a surge of businesses playing the Facebook game like never before.

With numerous businesses jumping into Facebook comes a lot of surface information and advertorials.  Mix this with paid ads that Facebook is now tucking into our timelines and everything just looks like a hot mess.

So, despite my personal opinion and disappointment with how Facebook has evolved, there is a positive side. Social media has given a voice to companies of all sizes. If these companies use social media, such as Facebook properly, they won’t offend their Friends but actually win their loyalty. As I write this, the best practices of social media is changing. What used to be a best practice of a month ago is being scrapped and companies are beginning to realize they can’t preach and sell to their followers, they must listen and offer something back of value.

What value does your Facebook account offer your followers?


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