You have gone to all the hard work of writing, editing and re-editing your book. Then there is the process of publishing it. Last but not least is selling the book.

So how does one promote their own self-published book?

Marketing and promoting your book starts during the process of writing it. Finding a catchy title that makes people want to read the book is the beginning. Second is finding a great artist to assist you in designing a book cover. While they say don’t judge a book by its cover, I know I have done just that time and time again. I will buy a book due to the quality and beauty of its cover before I look at what the story is about. So if you are self-publishing, dont’ skimp on creating a quality cover.

While your book is in the process of being finalized and bound is the time to begin your marketing plan. Internet marketing is the perfect and most affordable solution for self-publishers. Step one is to have a website built with the domain name being either your name, the author, or the title of your book. Second, have your Internet Marketing company begin working on your keywords, based on what your book is about. These keywords will be integrated into the copy of your new website on the front and back end.

Once the bones of the website have been set up, its time to promote yourself through social media. A Twitter account should be set up under your name and a Facebook account set up under your name along with a business page under your books name. Social media’s value is incredible. New statistics coming in are showing how the influence of people on Facebook and Twitter among their circles. What are those numbers?

81% of people said posts by friends directly influenced their purchase decisions

80% of people said they tried something new based on a friend’s suggestion.

78% said posts by companies directly influenced their purchase decisions

74% said they encouraged friends to try new products

The playing ground didn’t become level when authors were able to publish their own books, it became level when they were able to promote and market their own books online for the same exposure large publishing houses had.

Next, once you have set up your social media accounts and are operating them consistently, is to write press releases and have them submitted online. Online and optimized press releases will help promote your book title and your name as an author as well as build links back to your new website.

And last, but certainly not the end of your book promotions – is to get involved with a blog tour. Yes, you will be doing book tours, traveling about selling your books in various small book stores, but a blog tour puts your book into the hands of bloggers who review books and talk about your book on your behalf. Blog tours are great ways to reach more people (thus influencing them to buy), making your book and brand known in bigger circles and sometimes with links, they help promote your website.

Are you ready to promote your book online?

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