Facebook Ads for Realtors

Running a real estate business is not easy, and you have to continually look for new ways to reach
customers and grow your business. While there are plenty of traditional methods that you could use
to bring in customers, online marketing has emerged as a preferred method of many Realtors. With
so many different types of online marketing, however, it can be difficult to zero in on a particular
strategy. Using Facebook ads has become a popular strategy for real estate professionals who want
to grow their customer base. How do you grow your real estate business with Facebook ads?

Facebook Ad Basics

What exactly are Facebook ads? The Facebook advertising program is very popular and it can be
very effective. When you use Facebook, it shows ads on the right-hand side of the page. When
someone clicks on one of the ads, the advertiser pays a fee. The visitor is then directed to the
website or Facebook page of the advertiser.

This method is so effective because it allows advertisers to get highly targeted traffic to their sites
or Facebook profiles.


In order to be successful with Facebook ads for your real estate business, you need to engage in
some targeting. To do this, you’ll select the groups that you are looking to target when you set up
your ads. Facebook keeps all kinds of information about its users and what they look at while they
are on the site. Because of this, you can show your ad only to people who you believe would be
interested in it. This makes it possible to target the people that you want to bring into your real
estate business.

Set the Budget

When you use Facebook ads, you have the flexibility to determine how much you want to spend.
You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly budget, depending on your needs. Depending on what you
prefer, you can also pay by the click or by the impression. If you pay by the impression, you’ll pay a
certain amount of money each time someone sees the ad.

Creating the Ads

Once you start a campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own ads. During this part
of the process, you need to create a compelling advertisement that will get people’s attention. You
have the option of including a picture and some text. Use a picture that will tell people exactly what
you are offering. Use words that tell people what the benefit is for them. If you’ll create a good ad, it
can be the difference between getting people to click on it or simply go about their business.

Don’t forget other Facebook benefits for Realtors

In addition to using Facebook for ads, there are also several other benefits that you can realize by
using Facebook. With Facebook, you can customize your profile so that it looks very professional.
You can develop connections with other people on the site, who may eventually become customers.
With the social networking aspect of Facebook, you can also spread the word about a new house or
an event that you’re having. Your friends can tell their friends and get the word out.

Another benefit of using Facebook is that it allows you to share multimedia content like videos and pictures. This allows you to share a few pictures of houses and submit links to videos that you’ve created. This can go a long way toward helping your reputation in the real estate industry.

By utilizing Facebook, you may be able to successfully take your real estate business to the next level in the future.


Ben got onto the “Facebook marketing campaign” as soon as the feature rolled out. He has been using Facebook insights and Facebook ads for pages for his client, arvernebythesea.com , for a couple of months now. Now he is already seeing the improvement in engagement using the features and tactics he described in this article.