Internet marketing in all of its forms is necessary today if you are going to truly succeed or even maintain good business. Whether you integrate social media into your company’s marketing plan or adwords, optimized content, or SEO, you are going to need somebody who knows what they are doing and can keep up with this fast paced industry.

Upon realizing the above, companies either begin advertising for: someone to work in-house or for the outsourcing of consultants. Most companies feel they aren’t big enough to hire a consultant or maybe even well-versed enough in Internet Marketing to know what to ask for and to make sure they get what they are paying for. This is understandable. Let’s compare cost and service for both:

The In-House Employee

Whether your potential in-house employee is a full scale Internet Marketer who understands SEO, social media, Adwords, and providing ROI – or is just a content provider, let’s look at how their typical work week looks in most cases.

40% researching and reading on newest best practices, informing themselves of changes in interfaces and how to use them, networking with others in their field.

30% doing the work, on a good day

30% visiting with people in the office, browsing the Internet, taking breaks and lunches

Pay – Company is putting out approximately $5,000 and up a month in salaries, benefits, equipment and office supplies.

Now let’s look at what this employee costs. Salaries vary for specialists, ranging from $48,000 a year up to over $100,000 a year, plus benefits, equipment, office supplies, taxes. On the low range of the scale this employee is costing approximately $5,000 a month.

Now we compare this to hiring a contractor to do the work for you.

The Outsourced Contract Company:

Why not pay for a company that specializes in Internet Marketing and all of its branches. This company also hires and pays specialists in each area – writing, social media, analytics and  adwords – just to mention a few specialty areas? The team should also include a person who has to spend all their time researching and reading on the newest and latest best practices, networking, informing themselves of changes in interfaces, networking in their field.

Sound expensive?

Let’s look at the numbers.  Depending on the size of the business and what their needs are, an average monthly contract costs a company approximately $2,500 to $3,500. What do they get for that money? One hundred percent of the contractors billable hours is spent working on their clients projects.

The second benefit of outsourcing to a trusted company is that your business will receive the best results month-to-month as the company understands they are an “employee” of the company and there aren’t any guarantees. The company and its staff understand they can be ‘let go’ at any point in time and therefore must continue to earn the trust and confidence of their ‘employer’.

So what is your company waiting for? If you are weighing out the benefits of hiring an in-house employee vs. a full scale Internet Marketing company, maybe you should talk to us first and let us walk you through what we can do for you and the costs.

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