Owners of businesses are often skeptics when it comes to marketing via Facebook. Believing the outlet is for teens and soccer moms with too much time on their hands, the image of Facebook is not what it may seem. Social media has become one of the most prominent means of marketing, especially that of utilizing Facebook. Over 90% of Americans are using the outlet on a weekly basis. Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that online marketing action? Let’s take a closer look –

First, business Facebook pages are very different than personal Facebook pages. Personal pages are where people post what they’re eating for dinner, what they’re feeling AND what brands, products and services they are either excited about or boycotting. Business pages are about enhancing a brand, introducing new products or services, getting insight from current or potential clients, and much more. In connecting with the personal audience of Facebook, a company is opening themselves up to being a part of this online conversation and community.

It’s More Than Followers and LIKEs:  Sure, it gives any business owner or marketing director a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that several people have followed or liked their business Facebook page, but it’s more than just this. Every time a business posts a thought, a photo or a product on their outlet, personal Facebook page users are viewing, judging and deciding how they feel about that very post. Do they like the product or idea? Would they purchase what is being sold? Will they remember it when they’re out and about? Will they remain loyal to this brand or idea?

Keep It Real:  Phonies on Facebook can be spotted a mile away. Just the other day our team spotted a company that had posted that they do not appreciate restaurants that do not make their own deserts (because they make their own deserts). Two days later they were posting about their favorite Sysco brand cake, and their marketing rep was thanking them (via a comment) for their Sysco order. Not only is this a confusing message, but it is not honest.

Be real with your audience – they appreciate it. They will also recognize a scammer just trying to collect likes and views; or a company just trying to put on a big Facebook show. Be honest and have a clear message. Think organic when it comes to utilizing Facebook for a business. Be who you are and express your honest thoughts as a company, a product or an establishment. In turn, the followers that appreciate your company for what it really is, will follow, and will be loyal.

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