Selling big ticket items such as mining equipment or construction equipment requires a well mining equipment salesthought out set of marketing and sales systems to be in place. In the old days, one could solicit business quite easily through cold calls and mailing lists. Today, people are tired of being ‘sold’ to and want to find your company on their own terms.

If you are in the mining equipment industry, you probably have already encountered a problem in gathering quality leads or maybe your website isn’t working for you in the way you thought it should. This is understandable and it is happening to everybody. There is nothing you have done wrong, technology has just quickly overtaken most people’s buying habits and has determined how people now make large purchases. While “Outbound Marketing” was the mainstream of obtaining new business a few years ago, today “Inbound Marketing” has taken over.

What does it take to participate in Inbound Marketing?

To start, let’s observe what a buyer is looking for. The more expensive a product is the more time a potential buyer is going to spend researching it. Research today is conducted mostly online, which means you have the opportunity to capture this potential buyers attention with the information they are seeking. To do this requires more than just having a website, it also includes the preparation of quality information in the form of ‘white papers’ or ‘pdfs’ or even videos will help educate your potential buyer.

Second, buyers want to work with a company that has a strong reputation. Representing your company online as being solid, dependable and helpful is critical. Following up with visitors to your website with a professional email and the offering them more helpful information gives the potential buyer the warm fuzzy feeling that you know what you are doing.

If you are saying to yourself, we don’t have to staff to maintain email follow-ups, not to worry. There are comprehensive software programs that do all the work for you once your Internet Marketing/SEO professional have set it up and put it into place.

Third, participating in Inbound Marketing is easy to do and best of all it’s very effective. Studies performed by Marketing Sherpa with B2B’s (Business-to-businesses) showed that last year, aspects of Inbound Marketing utilized by businesses were extremely effective. These aspects included SEO and quality content development.

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An effective Inbound Marketing campaign requires building quality content that a potential lead will want to download and provide their name and email for.  Once the information of the potential lead is provided, an automated system is built into place that nurtures this lead and continues to bring them back time and again to your site for all their informational needs.  (Big ticket items don’t always sell overnight).

An “inbound marketing” campaign basically helps your company get found on the Internet and then helps you retain more of those website visitors by building an informational relationship with them. While many companies are still operating as if they were the 80s with ‘outbound marketing’, the good news is that you will have a leg up on the competition by simply getting informed and putting into place a simple inbound marketing campaign for your company.