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The use of keywords in optimizing websites has shifted slightly over time when it comes to optimizing pages organically. Not  too long ago, folks targeted keywords that were highly searched, basic two word combinations that they intuitively felt others were using in searching for them in the search engines. Keyword combinations could have looked like this:

“health insurance”

“lose weight”

You get the idea; the keywords were simple and straight to the point.  When one looks up the number of people searching for these types of two word combinations the numbers are astounding.  For instance 6,120,000 people search for the term ‘health insurance’ per month.  There are also 660,000,000 websites competing to be to be on the first page for that term.  Because search engines show only ten results per page, this means a websites chance of showing up on the first page is almost nil.“wellness coach”

Over time, search engines became more sophisticated as have SEO Specialists. Today, search engines will deliver results based on a multitude of factors such as, who is doing the searching, where you are searching from, what other types of things you have been searching for or looking at on your computer. For this reason, many SEO experts are reminding clients that their own search results and even search rankings in general aren’t the end all to be all. Just because your website came up on the first page for ‘wellness coach’ doesn’t mean it is showing up on the first page for the rest of the country.

Because the Internet has become so competitive, SEO Specialists have discovered, maybe inadvertently, the value of the ‘long tail keyphrase’. The thinking behind the long tail goes something like this. You are searching for a way to lose weight and you think yoga might help. How would you imagine yourself finding a solution online? My guess is you will type in something like “Lose weight with yoga”. We place modifiers on our searches, if not at the beginning of a search, we certainly do when we don’t find what we are looking for. In the end, you have used a long tail keyphrase.

Now comes the cool part. If I am a yoga instructor who wants to help people lose weight, I want to show up for this specific search. To do this, my SEO Expert will hopefully tell me to target the phrase “lose weight with yoga” in my next blog article. One could even modify this more with “lose weight with yoga in Seattle”, depending on the location of your yoga studio.

Your site will be more likely to show up for a more specified keyphrase than a generalized one and those who find you are more likely to be your target audience, which means you can potentially convert them into a client.

While longtail keyphrases may not look like they have large numbers searching for them from Google’s Keyword tool, they actually constitute about 70% of web traffic.

How do you find these longtail keyphrases? There are a handful of ways to put them together. One of the easiest is to use’s auto suggest. Open up and begin typing in your keyphrase, as you type Google will drop down a suggestion box of other modifiers based on what people search for the most.

Google Search

If you are selling a weight loss product, you can easily see that people are seeking out ‘weight loss exercise program’ or even ‘weight loss exercise schedule’, so why not write a blog article on both of these topics or dedicate a landing page on your website to one of these phrases?

Utilizing longtail keyphrases into your SEO is an ongoing process. What is being searched for today may not be the same phrase in a month or a year, so be sure to do your keyword research regularly.