Inbound marketing has been around for a while, just not labeled as so until recently. With the inbound marketing strategy is the utilization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which is becoming more and more sophisticated. CRM software programs set up correctly have proven to increase business leads by at least 33% – that’s significant. (Study conducted by an MIT Sloan MBA student)

Software programs take Inbound Marketing campaigns a step-further with processes that the marketing executive can plug in which maintains more control and management of visitors to the website.

The process begins with creating types of content that attract users to the website. This premium content is then distributed around the net, I like to liken it to fishing. One can catch more fish if they have as many lines in the water and in as many different bodies of water, as possible.

Next, when the visitor comes to the website to read the premium content, they are asked to submit their name and email address for the free download. This information is put into the CRM system and has a follow-up system in place that isn’t salesy but ‘nurturing’. It takes people around several touchpoints on a website before making a purchase.

Follow-up with a visitor, nurturing, continued provision of information that visitor wants and needs – note, not information that is trying to sell them – is important. We know from studies of how people make purchases online that there is a funnel that starts with Awareness and is followed by Interest and Research.

If your company does not have material in place that addresses each of these stages and is going right for the sell, well, it probably isn’t working so well for you.

CRM software helps marketing teams understand who their market is, why they are visiting, how many times they are visiting and when to go in for the sales pitch. Lead nurturing, as it called, is necessary today. People are burned out on being ‘sold’ to and aren’t hearing your marketing messages with the same interest as before. People who will make a purchase online have to be educated and informed of your service or product in a way that has never been done before. And those businesses who are savvy to this and taking advantage of Inbound Marketing campaigns are leading in sales.

If you are ready to increase leads for your company, let us give you more information on how to start.

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