Okay, this post isn’t about SEO or even Inbound Marketing – it’s just a simple post about the beauty of Sedona.

Living in Sedona/Verde Valley for as many years as I have, one starts to take for granted the beautiful weather and diversity of the area. While the Verde Valley (Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Page Springs, Cornville, Rimrock) may be slim when it comes to big box shopping, it makes up for it with beauty. So, we wanted to share some photos of the region with you from time being here. You can also checkout one of our Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/livinginsedona to join in the Sedona conversation.

schnebly hill

View From Schnebly Hill


Cathedral Rock - Amazing Hike and Views.

Cathedral Rock – Amazing Hike and Views.


Robbers Roost Cave

Robbers Roost Cave


Ghost Town Jerome Graveyard

Ghost Town Jerome Graveyard


Oak Creek Canyon - West Fork

Oak Creek Canyon – West Fork

Rimrock - Beaver Creek

Rimrock – Beaver Creek