sedona arizonaIt is hard to believe it is winter, right now, this day February 7th, in Sedona. The weather here has been moody but it expected to be 63 degrees today and earlier this week my car temperature read 72 degrees. Northern Arizona is getting Phoenix like weather and while it’s odd, I have to say it has been nice.

sedona arizona

Sitting on the edge of a bluff looking at my feet and the surrounding beauty.

Working all day slaving over a computer, glancing out my window, I see the red rocks just calling me. I have tried to now make it a ritual to visit those red rocks at least once a day, if not in the morning, then by 2 p.m. Some days I feel like a serious hike, other days a stroll.

 Operation Donut

We started “Operation Donut” last week. What is Operation Donut you ask? We give away doughnuts to businesses in our bashas doughnutscommunity who are both clients and non-clients alike. We start off by making an early run to Bashas grocery store to buy our doughnuts (if you are a local and want the glazed ones you had better beat us to the store). We pretty much clean the deli case out by the time we are done boxing all the donuts we want to deliver.

We then tape our rack card to the top of the box and randomly drive around giving away boxes of donuts. Bonnie runs in with the box, leaves it at the front desk and says, ‘you are today’s recipient of Operation Donut’.


Okay, yes we get some weird faces and expressions. Some people even look very nervous as if we just dropped off a bomb. Others have told us they love us. I guess it all depends on whether that person has had their morning coffee yet.

Sedona isn’t a large community and most of us run into one another at Chamber Mixers, fundraisers, charity events, the grocery store – but sometimes there are folks who are too busy doing all the busy work and don’t have the opportunity to ‘hob-knob’ with others. For those people we wanted to make sure they aren’t overlooked and well, who doesn’t want doughnuts in the morning?

Speaking of, I have just made myself hungry and the red rocks are calling so I’ll be leaving now for Starbucks, Bashas and then SugarLoaf Trail.