As we work on building our new website with our web developer, I was thinking how much things have changed since I built my first website in the early 90s.

In 1992 I had first heard of the Internet from a friend. At the time I was living on a ranch in a remote area and knew getting an internet connection via dial-up would be too cost prohibitive. Not only would I incur the cost of the dial-up service but also it would be a long distance phone call every time I went online It wasn’t long though that the phone systems changed in our area and a call to the next big town – Sedona – was no longer long distance. With that I jumped on the opportunity to play with this cool new thing called the Internet. For a nerdy person like myself, having access to information, data, news and other people in the world was so cool. The local small library was very limited and I couldn’t wait to look up stuff.

pamela ravenwood

I wasn’t online long before I knew that if I came up with a business idea that I could promote with this new fangled thing called a website. The business I co-started with a friend was Arizona Ranch Adventures and yes the URL was just as long, even though back then I probably could have purchased a cool short one.

I quickly taught myself how to use HTML and I built a simple website. Within days of the website going up, I began getting phone calls and literally all of our business came from our online presence. Back then fewer people had websites and promoting ones business was much easier. Plus we had a unique business.

Today things are easier in regards to getting online but more difficult when it comes to reaching the masses. At one time, just having a website was good enough and making sure that website was in all the search engines of the day was as much as you could do. This quickly changed to having your site optimized with the right keywords and meta tags, being in directories and having a large number of links back to your website. Today, a combination of things must happen for your website to be found online. It is no longer simply a matter of SEO nor social media that helps your site be found.

Today, an all-inclusive and comprehensive plan is now necessary. These plans are marketed under many names, perhaps you have seen a few: Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, or Website Marketing. Some simply call it Marketing now as it is that important.

Marketing companies across the world have been quickly adapting to this shift, hiring digital marketing professionals or learning the trade themselves. Larger companies are hiring a full digital marketing staff of internet marketers, SEO specialists, SEM specialists, social media specialists, copywriters, website analysts, channel analysts and more. The list goes on.

duct tape marketingPerhaps one of the most inclusive books I have read today that emphasizes the need for a full scale digital marketing plan is Duct Tape Marketing by Jon Jantsch. The book is simply labeled “The world’s most practical small business marketing guide”. Nobody would know that the focus is purely on marketing yourself online.

Other successful speakers and writers are promoting online marketing with their own language as well, and quite successfully. One woman I found used such simplistic terms for some complex marketing steps with such success that I realized, maybe many people are scared away from doing their online due diligence due to the wording. From now on I’m going to be looking at using this kind of language to market our services:

Hot ways to make people want you and your website”

“How to Be A Star Online”

“High Heels and Hot Content”

Okay, maybe this isn’t me. I’m too straight forward and matter-of-fact to use this kind of copy. At SEO Essential Solutions, we may not be reaching the masses due to our straight-forward approach but we are reaching the people who are looking for us, small business owners that need a professional to just take over the confusing and complex Internet work for them so they can spend their time doing what they do best.  It’s that simple.  Some things just don’t change no matter how much time goes by.