sedona massage therapistRosemary Anderson is a massage therapist, and in a holistic spiritual community like Sedona, it can feel there are more massage therapists than residents. So how does Rosemary Anderson, owner of Body Dialog stand out in the crowd?

“Be visible in the community and cover all of your basis”, she said.  She also added that she joins almost every organization in town, volunteers, pays for local advertising and just ‘shows up’.  And then in the end, it is often word-of-mouth advertising she said that drives business. Additionally, she adds that she believes her passion for what she does and her transparency in being sincere keeps clients coming back.

“I am really interested in my clients and hope that always comes across. My business is very intimate and people need to feel safe and comfortable, know that I have their best well-being in mind and am somebody that can trust.”

Rosemary understands what it takes to be a successful business owner because she has been self-employed since she moved to the United States many years ago. Prior to owning her own business she had worked as an airline stewardess as well as for a handful of companies. It wasn’t long before she discovered ‘working for somebody else’ was not her cup of tea, she was far too independent and said she has a ‘low B.S. meter.’

2012-06-23 20.39.46The beginning of her trek of self-employment began by simply evaluating her surroundings, which at the time were in Washington D.C., where she recognized people were constantly moving in and out of the city. She and her husband decided to start a moving and cleaning business.  Later, the couple moved to Cave Creek, Arizona, and her business which she brought with her evolved into providing handyman services and construction. It wasn’t until the late 80s that somebody suggested to her that she would be great at massage therapy and that there was a school nearby she could attend.  When Anderson was going through a divorce and realized she needed a new vocation she began working two jobs to put herself through massage school.

“I started getting new business immediately because I learned where to put my straw”, she said. “I started off working out of chiropractic offices taking insurance clients. The relationship worked perfectly as we referred people back and forth to one another.

The best advice I received at that time was by a mentor, the same one who told me I would be a great massage therapist was “follow your passion, if you do something you are extremely passionate about, people will gather around just to watch you burn.”

And burn she has, with a love of what she does, providing therapeutic healing massages out of her three locations in Sedona, Arizona.

For more information about Rosemary Anderson you can visit her at her website at