Google Plus has become increasingly more popular and more understood in the digital industry, making it a must have for small businesses to engage with. Being connectedgoogle plus for businesses to Google in any way possible is always a positive since they are after all the largest search engine in the world, the owners of YouTube  the creators and owners of Chrome and they own the mobile OS category. Playing nicely with the big guy can only be of benefit to you and your company in increasing your Google Traffic.

 How many people are using Google + right now?


  • 250 million Google + accounts
  • 150 million Google + users are active with their accounts
  • 50% of Google + users sign on daily.

 How Can Google + Help Your Business?

If you are a blogger and make a point to add a link to your blog within your Google + account, you will find that the search results for your blog topic will receive much more attention than it does on your blog page. You will receive even double the exposure if you make a point to optimize the title of your blog.

Google + is like Facebook in that you can share information with others but….it is better due to the fact that you can make that shared information public and have it indexed in search engines. For instance, if you share your blog article on Facebook, only those who Like your page or who are your friends will see this article. With Google +, when you share your blog article, not only will everybody in your circles see the article but you can also make the share public, which allows people on Google + and people using Google search, the capacity to find your article.

Google + also has the capacity to connect your Google + Business page to Google Places, showing a map to find your location. Even cooler than that, if you are logged into your Google + and want to know of restaurants within a particular radius of wherever you are, it will pull up other Google +pages near you under “Local”. Within the Local window, you will be shown placed people have recommended and places with top reviews. You want to make sure your company page shows for others here.

google plus local example


Last, Google + has many other features that other social media arenas do not have. Like LinkedIn, Google + has Groups (called Communities) but within those groups you can host Hangouts, which allows everybody to either join on video on through chat.

When using your Google + for business, don’t forget to use it like any other type of social media, get to know people, contribute helpful bits of information not just self-promotional, and share lots of photos – imagery will always capture the readers eye over pure content.