internet marketing for restaurantsMost restaurants today recognize the need to have a strong presence online. What many restaurant owners or managers may fail to see are some of the basic strategies that need to be in place to properly brand and showcase their place of business.

Here are some common mistakes.

1. Fail to have a social media presence.

Social media today isn’t just about chatting with each other on Facebook, it is a strong, viable and proven vehicle of influence on those in participate in it, which is half of America. Not only is it important to have a social media presence but a well thought out strategic presence is critical if you are serious about marketing your restaurant/bar and drawing in repeat customers and new customers.

2.  Website lacks contact information.

Letting somebody look at your website and give it a quick audit can help you identify simple problems like hiding your phone number or address. Many people these days are looking for your establishment on their phone or mobile device – do you make it easy for them to call you and make reservations or find your place of business on their phone map or otherwise? Your phone number should be clickable from a mobile device to make a phone call easy and a map should be built into your website.

3. Forgetting the value of imagery.

If you own a restaurant or a bar, nothing beats great photographs of your dishes, drinks and place of business. People are very visual and use these cues to make their decisions on whether they will eat at your place or choose somebody else’s. Using photos also helps your clientele share your information through their favorite social media portals, whether it is Pinterest or Facebook – it has been proven that a photo captures more attention than text.

4. Not building your email list.

This one is tricky but has proven itself time and time again. Capturing your clientele’s contact information and putting them on your email list so that you can send out monthly newsletters with events, offers and specials is worth its weight in gold. Today, many people are actually rolling their print advertising budgets over into building their email marketing campaigns. Utilizing offers, deals and contests can help you collect email addresses from your patrons.

5. Not managing your online reviews.

All restaurants know the value of online reviews from sites such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor and Google. Managing your reviews properly is important. Do not chastise people who give you a negative review nor ignore them. You must address reviews of all types, both positive and negative. Negative reviews require a little more finesse but if handled correctly could lead to more business rather than being a deterrent.


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