sodastream successYou have probably seen the ads on television where somebody is in the shopping mall giving passers-by taste tests of their home-made soda pop. The cost is less for your home-made pop and you are saving the environment by rebottling your own drinks.

For home brewers like myself, we just like to hijack the CO2 systems from SodaStream so we can play around with carbonating our own botanical and sometimes alcoholic drinks.

Despite what you might or might not be using your SodaStream soda-making machine for, the company has been blowing the industry away with sales. The Israeli company just recently sold 312,000 of its home carbonators in the U.S. last quarter, which makes for a 60 percent increase.

This is remarkable in the face of Coke losing 4 percent in soft drink sales. Why does SodaStream continue to do so well? It is believed that their success can be chalked up to their business model which requires you to spend a small fortune upfront which in turn makes you want to continue operating the appliance to justify the cost. SodaStream will help you continue operating this appliance through the sales of new syrups and CO2 canisters.

Does this business model sound familiar? I’m thinking Keurig and those expensive little coffee pods that are so tasty. I have only tried it once at a hotel and nearly bought one myself.

When marketing your company, there is a lot to be learned about what is already working for others and duplicating it, or at the very least, fizzing it up.


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