Those of you using Gmail have probably noticed the changes with the automatic filtering. Some of you may be used to having all your email divvied up between Primary, Social and Promotions. For me, having to look through each section is a hassle. It seems to add just one more set of steps to checking my email, which I don’t need as I am busy enough. I also don’t like Google determining for me what is Primary, what is Social and what is a Promotion.

If you want to return your settings back to what they originally were, it is quite simple. To start, go to your settings – the weird cog looking thing at the top right of your Gmail.


gmail original settings



Okay, now click on SETTINGS and then go to the tab called INBOX.

setting gmail filters


Now uncheck the Filters Google has set up for you and leave just Primary.

Scroll down and Save your changes and viola! You are back to the old Gmail.

Okay, so I don’t like Change. Working in the business of Digital Marketing – it is hard to avoid but we all do the best we can.  Good luck.