digital marketing maturityThe Guardian just published a fascinating article on the digital marketing race. Writer Tim Anderson reports on the future of digital marketing and how some firms are using it well and others have barely began to get on board.

The question is asked:

“While some brands are receiving awards and being celebrated for their innovative digital campaigns, others within the same industries have yet to launch their first digital campaign. So why is adoption across the industry uneven?”

One participant in a round-table forum stated:

“Digital is potentially the most perfect form of marketing, but also one of the most difficult.”

This roundtable panel are looking into why some companies are moving forward with digital and social media marketing and others are hanging back. There is also discussion on how marketing professionals and agencies are coping with the technical challenges and what marketing will look like in the future.

“Ten or 15 years ago, a digital agency was the poor relation, fighting for budget against the advertising agency, public relations and direct marketing,” a panel member observed, whereas now, technology companies such as Google are also around the table. “To get anything done, you need three technology firms, a couple of agencies and the internal brand team.”

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