email marketing mustsWhat information did people gather at HubSpot’s 2013 most recent Inbound Marketing Conference? How about Tom Monaghan’s Nine Email Marketing Musts? Email marketing changes constantly and yet is still one of the most effective ways to market in today’s digital world. The advice Tom offers is mostly common sense like “send a real email”, don’t be so salesy and come across as a real person. He also suggests trying to spur conversation, not to mention just being consistent with your email marketing

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If you like Tom Monaghan’s writing, you might also want to read this article “The Four Commandments of Email” In this article, Monaghan analyzes why email campaigns often fail and sometimes it is due to the smallest matters or basic fundamentals such as “respecting ones recipients” or “don’t over email” people. And the most trickiest part of email marketing – getting people to engage with your email, clicking on links, responding to your email or commenting on your website.

Both articles are a great read if you are running an email marketing campaign or monthly newsletter.