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SEO Essential Solutions Google+ page – what better place to share cool information and collect other folks cool information?

Digital marketing specialists have been going around and around, since the inception of Google+, trying to determine whether it would directly affect a company’s rankings within Google. Of course Google said it would not, just as advertising with Google Adwords would not affect your rankings – but this isn’t all truth.

In the business of Digital Marketing, we nerds love to study statics and like scientists we are always putting things to the test. So what are the latest findings based on all of these nerdy tests? According to Cyrus Shepard, contributor to The Moz Blog, “there is an amazing correlation between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings.”

The Guardian has also published an article on the necessity of Google + as it has now overtaken Twitter to become the second largest social network.

How does Google+ help a website’s rankings? First, if you are keeping up with providing fresh content within a blog (which every website should have) and then sharing that content on your Google+ page, Google+ is quick to index the information into its search engine quickly. This isn’t the case with Facebook.

Google+ posts also pass link equity. Sharing a link on Google+ gives your site ‘link juice’ – which is important when it comes to ranking factors. This link equity is only earned though when somebody shares your post and uploaded images don’t count as link equity.

Beyond all this great nerdy stuff is also the whole Google+ authorship information connected from you the blogger to your shared circle of friends.

Want to read more about Google+ and its direct correlation to improving your ranking status, check out’s blog.

If all this information is making your head spin and you are feeling like a deer in headlights, well, just give us a call and we will hook you up.