Things are always changing when it comes to digital marketing and especially Google. With the new awareness of buyer behavior, Google has changed its business model from the ‘buyers funnel’ to one that is more like a big circle with the consumer in the center and numerous points of entry to a website and making a conversion. Due to the changes in understanding how consumers work, analytics have changed also. Dashboards are showing all the channels in which a consumer comes to a website, how they are behaving and which behavior is leading to a conversion. Snapshots are looking more like this now

Google analytics aquisition

With the proper goals set up and goal value we can see which channels are paying off the most. The caveat is that these numbers show the last click that turned into a conversion or sale. For instance, with the above numbers, a consumer may have seen the client’s ad then followed them on social media, then later came back to make a purchase through the social media channel. Further analysis on the part of the analytics team can determine this for sure.

The bottom line of the analytics team is to ask how do we create more conversions and therefore how do we use the data we have to refine our strategies.

The above image is from a current client’s portfolio, showing only a month’s worth of activity. Our goals: to drive interest to the website, to have visitors complete the contact form and/or complete the registration form.

To do the above we create a hypothesis that reflects our expectations and then measure our numbers against those expectations. We watch the data, refine, improve and repeat. This is digital marketing today. Constant analysis of data, refining strategies and implementing them. The beauty is that so much data is available to us to use in creating and refining strategies.

While this is just a very small sample of data we look at daily and have at our disposal, it gives one a quick example of how amazing and effective digital marketing can be and how one’s return on investment can quickly pay off.