Press Release – November 14, 2013

website auditBy discovering the strengths and weaknesses in a business’s online presence, SEO Essential Solutions is able to develop a customized strategic plan focused on expanding online visibility and customer base. Business owners now have the opportunity to receive a Digital Marketing Audit for a significantly reduced cost. Clients that schedule a complete website audit by January 14, 2013 will receive a service worth up to $1,000 for only $200.

“More websites are getting penalized by search engines and website owners don’t realize this until they see their web traffic drop off significantly,” explains Pam Ravenwood, Co-Founder of SEO Essential Solution.

Websites are commonly being penalized due to poor SEO strategy, incorrectly built websites, bad links and duplicate content. These errors have the potential to cause a website to be blocked by popular search engines due to violations.  Having an audit performed is one of the easiest ways that a business can identify website errors that may be holding it back from reaching customers effectively.

Included in the Digital Marketing Audit are a variety of analyses that will target specific areas needing improvement. The Website Analysis is based on a variety of software based tests that determine any problems and code errors that might be creating road blocks to complying with search engine requirements. The Social Media Analysis reviews current social media campaigns and how successfully a brand is being represented. The Website Usability Analysis examines a website for ease of use by the consumer and where fixes may be needed. The Competitor Analysis focuses on creating a list of keywords and links being used by competitors to increase web ranking.

The professionals at SEO Essential solutions are offering business owners the ability to review the quality of their website presence at an extremely affordable price. Additionally, if a customer chooses to move forward with a continuation package focused on repair and development, the cost of the initial audit will be integrated into the contract cost. The cost of a Digital Marketing Audit is also a tax deductible expense, making it a wise investment for success. SEO Essential Solutions lays out a clear plan covering the essentials needed to grow an online presence and provides a low cost opportunity for businesses to experience the benefits of Digital Marketing.

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