Pamela Slim has done it again with another great book.

I discovered Pam when her name continued to pop up for me when listening to people talk about how they started their careers, launched a great idea, or recovered from a layoff. I finally purchased her first book Escape From Cubicle Nation and was wowed by it. It wasn’t long I had left my position as an Internet Marketing Consultant for a large organization and focused completely on my own company. Shortly after that I joined Pamela Slim’s Powerboost Marketing program and for the year of 2013 was supported and encouraged by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. There was so much information given throughout the year on how to successfully launch and sustain your own business I could barely keep up.

body of work

At the end of 2013 Pamela launched her new book Body of Work. I of course preordered it and received mine just in time for the new year when one is all introspective and creating new beginnings. It was perfect timing.

As somebody who has done a lot of things in her life that one calls a career path, this book helped me tie all my odd and unsorted job titles into one story. I used to say that I lead the pack when it came to having held the most job titles. I realized soon enough I wasn’t alone as everybody has had ‘side-hustles”, second jobs, various careers – it is part of living in an uncertain economy. For me it was part of living in a small community with limited career options but everybody has their own story:)

Body of Work helps one take a new look at all the things they have done, are interested in and hope to do and make sense of it all.

The book has been very timely and extremely inspirational. It also covers the pitfalls we have in life when we question what we are doing, whether we are good enough and how to operate from this place of concern and fear.

In building your booklist for the year, we at SEO Essential Solutions high suggest Body of Work – and tell Pam we said hi.

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”Body of Work” description=”With this powerful guide, you will learn how to find the connections among your diverse accomplishments, sell your story, and continually reinvent and relaunch your body of work.” author=”Pamela Slim” publisher=”Portfolio Penguin” isbn=”978-1-59184-619-2″ paperback=”yes” ]