Today, the business of acquiring interest in your product or service, often starts with building your email list. Convincing people to sign-up for your email list is an art all of itself and often requires over-the-top content, premium downloads, special offers and more. The exchange of any of these items for the permission to put people on your email list is just one way to convince people to sign-up.

Second we have the Contact Form. Many people integrate email sign-ups within their contact forms, others just want people to reach out and ask more questions about services or products so that a relationship can be started. But even the design and layout of a contact form should be given careful consideration and tested over and over. As seen in this infographic designed by the company Singlehop, small changes in the contact form can lead to large returns both in interest and financially.

building the perfect contact form


What has been your experience with your contact form? Are you receiving the results you desire or have you found a magical combination that works for you?