downtown madison wiIn the field of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, the work can take many forms. One of our favorite specialties is optimizing company websites for local SEO.

What is local SEO you might ask? Any company that targets an audience within a specific area, usually about a 50 mile radius of where they are located, will need local SEO. Companies such as this usually get queries such as:

“madison dental care”

“sedona pet grooming”

“fitchburg plumbing supplies”

local seo

With such queries, the person seeking is using the Internet like the Yellow Pages and wants to find a company in their area that will meet their needs. What they often encounter is a handful of companies that show up with their query along with a map showing where the companies are located. Choosing a company they will call first will then depend on a variety of possibilities such as:

  • Who has the first listing?
  • Who is located closest to the researcher?
  • Who has great reviews?
  • Whose listing looks most professional?
  • Who has information that is complete so it is easy to call or contact them?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is for the researcher but making sure your company is utilizing all of the above fully is a little more challenging and isn’t quite as easy as just setting up a Google Places account. For companies like ours, this is where the fun begins and where we can make some real traction helping clients move their listings to the top and increase the number of phone calls they receive.

How do we do this?

  1. We first run a website audit to determine the holes and problems the client is facing.
  2. Second we analyze the client’s competition and determine what it is they are doing to optimize their site locally.
  3. Third we write out a strategy/fix and then begin tackling the problem as it fits within the client’s budget. Some clients can fix everything the first month while others need to make fixes each month and pay as they go. Either way works and once the fix is done the client is good to go for a long time.

Is your company being found by locals? If not, give us a call and let us talk you about our $200 audit special that ends January 31, 2014.