We have recently been contacted by many new small businesses for the management of their Google AdWord campaigns. Most call with the same issue of, “I need somebody to manage my Google AdWords correctly, I keep getting charged too much money”. Well, that perhaps is the case – and if Google AdWords are in fact, not, set up correctly you will be charged far more than necessary. There is also another issue was have found on many new campaigns we have taken over for small business owners. That is – Google AdWords automatic payment system.

For those that do not normally set up Google AdWords campaigns, you may notice that when your budget gets down to around $50-$75 you are automatically charged another $100-$1000 automatically via Google. What the fudge? The best part is that once your small business is on the automatic payment system via Google you cannot be removed. According to Google, switching from Auto Payment to Manual Payment is not available in really any country.

google auto billing


You can read the Help file yourself: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375432

What can you do? We have tried everything for our clients from calling, to emailing to tweeting and more. Google doesn’t want to hear it. They’ll put you on hold for hours just to inform you that the only way to be removed from automatic billing is to shut down your Google AdWords account completely. What a hassle, right?
We recently had a small business owner doctor come to us for social media management and optimized content products. In giving her campaign a holistic view we noticed that there was $85 remaining in her Google AdWords account from before we had started working with her. We informed her of this, and the auto-pay system via Google, and she immediately asked us to ‘use up the amount anyway’.

It didn’t take long before the client was down to around $50, and she was automatically billed an additional $1000 via the auto-pay system. We can’t help but start to recognize how much Google really has its hand on in the realm of technology. It’s almost scary to think about how much we as a society and as small business owners have to rely on Google to:

  • Gain Online Brand Visibility
  • Obtain Leads via the Internet
  • Utilize Advertising Dollars

With that, we are sorely rewarded with a great lack of 24/7 customer service and this, the Google AdWords Automatic Payment system. The more one knows about Google and its services, tricks and issues the better a small business can utilize every dollar of spending in a beneficial way.

What has been your experience with Google Adwords and autopayments?


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