By Bonnie Sedan

confused seoTechnical terms in the realm of website development, search engine optimization and anything else tech can be confusing. When looking a proposal for service or speaking on the phone with an online professional, their vocab can begin to almost sound a little like gibberish, or a distant language seemingly deriving from somewhere unknown.

With that being said there are a few common terms that every savvy small business owner should understand to at least halfway decipher the general gist of the next conversation with your online marketing professional:

Keyword Research: For any small business owner that has ever made the statement, “I want to be on the front page of Google”; this is the first term you will hear. This is when your online marketing team completes lengthy research to find terms that your company can compete for on the web. Here’s an example:

Recently we had a client state that they wish to be on the front page of Google for the term ‘organic food’, to which our response is, “do you have an unlimited budget”? Without even digging into any type of research, we can tell you that there are likely thousands of websites competing for this term – all with bigger budgets than our small business client.

Keyword Research conducted by your marketing team would lead to the findings of other terms that your company could likely compete for online. Perhaps word and phrases such as: Organic food restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona or Organic Green Teas. Know that this keyword research should lead to you as the small business owner being provided with a list of found keywords and keyphrases that will then be utilized throughout your entire online marketing campaign.

Alt Tags: Did you know that Google can actually read the images on your website? Well, when proper Alt Tags are in place behind each image – Google can. Imagine all of the small business owners and small business owner’s website teams that don’t know they need to title and optimize their Alt Tags correctly?

After your keyword research is complete, it’s time to put these Alt Tags behind each image on your website so that they can compete in the search engines right along with your great written content!

Tech terminology can seem scary, but when given simple explanations like this for those terms, small business owners can feel secure in each new conversation they have with their Arizona online marketing company. Also, never be afraid to ask your online marketing team to stop, and really explain what they are referring to or proposing. Sometimes, in speaking ‘tech’ on a regular basis they forget they are often speaking a different language all together.

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