TSI John SedanJohn Sedan, President of Technical Sealants Incorporated was no stranger to the world of foam tapes when he started his business over two decades ago.  Starting his younger years in sales, Sedan had a ‘knack’ for understanding customer’s needs and matching them with the appropriate products.

With a family consisting of two young daughters and his wife, starting a business was a risk. “It’s always more comfortable in the moment, to work for somebody, with a consistent wage and daily routine,” stated Sedan. “What one does not realize is that even in a ‘stable’ job, a person’s life can change in an instant.”

That it did. Sedan had been working for the same industrial foam tape company for several years, serving as upper management. One day, unlike any other day, Sedan was sat down in his office where it was explained that his current company was moving to Canada in a matter of weeks. He had the decision to organize the move of the company and uproot his family, or to stay within the United States and work out a new plan for himself.

“I had no idea that I would be put in this position. My wife and I thought long and hard before making our final decision. We couldn’t move out of the country – it just wasn’t a fit for us as a family,” said Sedan.

With only a matter of weeks to begin interviewing for a new position, John Sedan decided to take a leap. He thought, now might be the best time to become his own boss – to rely solely on himself and the team that he constructs for his family’s stability and success.

John Sedan founded his own Industrial Foam Tape company in 1990, hiring a small specialized staff. In only a few short years, Technical Sealants had expanded to more than five times its size, employing specialists in the fields of Sales Management, Quality Control and Product Development. Today, Technical Sealants Incorporated has grown to be known as a leading Industrial and PVC foam tape supplier for industries such as: recreational vehicle, log home construction, HVAC, appliance semi-truck and trailer and many more.

“It didn’t all happen overnight,” explained John Sedan. “It took hard work, long hours and the building of quality relationships and products that we still hold today. I wonder at least a few times a year what would have happened if my family and I were to have moved out of the country and where we would be now. I could never imagine my life, the life of my family, or the lives of our hardworking loyal employees could be as happy and successful as they all are now.”