facebook demographicsMany high-school kids who jumped on the Facebook bandwagon years ago are finally coming to the realization that the social media site has gone the way of The Fonz in a leather jacket on water-skis and has officially jumped the shark. The cause of the younger generation’s angst isn’t the incessant game requests, the weekly proclamations that “in 219 more days I’ll be Mrs. So-and-so”, or even the fact that Facebook has maybe just become boring – they’ve decided to abandon ship because their parents have joined and it’s no longer cool.

A Switch in Demographic

Parents who used to say, “Are you on that Face Thing again?” are now coming to the realization that the site is a great way to keep in touch with long lost friends, view baby pictures of nieces and nephews around the country, and post sentimental rehashed e-greetings from sites around the Internet. According to a survey from iStrategylabs.com there are 3 million less 18-24 year old Facebook users in 2014 from 2011 while the 35-54 year old demographic has risen from 39,595,900 to 56,000,000 over that time period. That statistic is very good for business.

Social media for small businesses have always benefited from having a Facebook presence if anything just as a free way to interact with their customers and to tell people who have ‘liked’ their page of upcoming promotions. The 35-54 year-old demographic is traditionally the one with the most disposable income, which means the increase in users is why paid Facebook advertising is becoming more of a feasible marketing strategy.

 Precise Targeted Ads

Perhaps the main benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to specifically target your sales and promotions to a certain audience. When a FB user ‘likes’ a topic on the site that data is stored and precise targeting can be used to show your ads specifically to people that have interest in the subject. If you sell replica Fonz jackets you’re going to have more success showing your ad to people who have Happy Days in their likes compared to somebody who is part of 19 conservative talk radio groups.

facebook target ads

Broad Demographic Ads

Another benefit of Facebook’s targeted ads is the ability to reach a wider audience with broad demographic based ads. Take those same Fonz jackets but instead of aiming the ads specifically at Happy Days fans they reach out to people who have like 60’s television in addition to people who have been shopping for coats. Your precise niche target ads will lead to higher sales percentages per visits but the broader ads reach a larger number of at least semi-interested people.

 The Cost

Another great reason for advertising on Facebook is the minimal cost, even for paid ads. There is literally no other media form that can grant you access to 180,000,000 potential customers as is Facebook’s potential user count for 2014. Broken down into the cost to reach 1,000 users Facebook is the cheapest at $0.25 compared to $32 for a newspaper or even $2.75 on Google ads according to Moz.com.

The Results

Of course the final benefit of advertising on Facebook is the results. Ideally these ads will generate sales if you market physical items or website traffic if you have an Internet Marketing Blog. It’s also important to remember that Facebook doesn’t need to be your main ad campaign, just that it represents such a large potential customer base that its not being a responsible business owner if you don’t take advantage. When you run a business you want something you can be proud of, something you can look in the mirror and give two thumbs and say “aaaaeeeeyyyy”