augie and the green knightIf you love Kickstarter like we do, then you can really appreciate when somebody not only comes out with a cool product but actually puts their campaign together well.

We just funded Augie and The Green Knight – this campaign had a goal of $30,000 and is up to $275,430. What is their product – a really cool book. Yes a book of all things. It is a children’s book with a female hero who is smart and nerdy. I can dig that. But if you look at the campaign you can see how everything was laid out well from the beginning.

Great Incentives

People backing this campaign get a lot of cool stuff including a copy of the book, the ebook, limited edition prints, signed prints and much more. You don’t have to actually give a lot to get a lot back. Plus, the more people give collectively the more everybody gets. For instance, in their Stretch Goal chart, if $40,000 is raised Another Art Piece and one more print is added to the print set, $50,000 bookmarks added to all physical reward tiers, and etc.


kickstarter stretch goals

kickstarter tier breakout sampleTier Breakout

Knowing what you get for what you give is spelled out twice, once in the right-hand column as usual and secondly within the text as a graphic. The graphic is also sharable through Pinterest and a share button. Yes, these campaigns have to rely on people like you and me to spread the news to gain more interest. Brilliant. Sometimes a visual of what people are getting when they support a campaign goes further than a description. Plus, as said before by having a graphic you can now share your incentives through social media mediums.


Sample Pages

Because this campaign is promoting a book, they have included mockups of the book – it is most likely this book hasn’t gone to print yet but the author was able to at least build a mock-up so we can see what it would look like as well as the voice of the writer.

Last, the art is just plain cool and the concept cooler. This is why I supported this project. I for one would like to see more female heroes in children’s books that aren’t fairy princesses and I think this is the author’s intent as he just had a daughter of his own and realized not every girl’s life plan looks like a Disney character.


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