It is an interesting thing to live in a town millions of other people pay good money to visit. When that place is small, unlike New York City or San Francisco, it is even more noticeable how much the place you call home is mostly made up of tourists.

Having lived in Jerome Arizona, I have skipped from one tourist town to the next. One one hand it is nice to have new faces, people who are happy to be where you are strolling around, tourist money coming into your community – but on the other-hand there is traffic, sometimes a lack of ‘community’ and mostly unfamiliar faces at the grocery store.

Living in Sedona one can hide from tourists as there are a million trails that are not on the beaten path. One can also stay at home on weekends and venture out during the week if they want a little tourist reprieve – or even wonder around early in the morning. It seems tourists don’t like moving around until about 9:30, just before the stores open.

At least in Sedona you don’t have to worry about tourists stealing your parking spot which I know is more of a hassle in other touristy communities – especially Jerome.sedona swimming hole There were many a time when I would come home and couldn’t find a place to park my car near my house.

Every community has its own feel and vibe. Sedona is pretty laid back and people here while mostly wealthy, aren’t all wealthy and are all trying to be a bit more conscientious about life. Sedona has become a bit of a spiritual mecca for those ‘seeking’ and there is plenty of advice to be handed out for those seekers by a number of self-designated gurus. Go to about any local coffee shop and hand out for a while and you will get an ear full.
If you are coming to Sedona to hike, bike and be around nature – then you definitely are in the right place. I believe this might be why we live here as you can lose yourself in a canyon or a mountain at any point without having to drive more than a mile to find your trail. There are old ruins to be stumbled upon, beautiful views and just nature which is amazing here. We feel very grateful to live in Sedona and we are glad people are still finding it a pretty cool place to hang out. If that isn’t enough it is also diverse – you have your desert and then Oak Creek Canyon which is full of pine trees and a beautiful creek.

If you would like to read more about Sedona living, you can check out this blog which has information on lodging, vortexes, hikes and more.