arizona seoSEO means many things to many people these days. SEO has been used as a noun, verb, adjective, and within all types of context. The bottom line for most people when referring to SEO is “help me make more money with my website”.

With this said, the approach an Internet Marketing Agency who has knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be dependent on the type of business that is in need and the amount of money they are willing to invest up front and over time.

So it all comes down to money you might be saying – not necessarily but Internet Marketing isn’t unlike most types of marketing, the more you pay the more coverage you receive and the more opportunities to earn your investment back. I like to compare it to fishing. If you had the opportunity to put one line in the water or twenty, and each in a different area of the lake – which would you choose? Yes there is the occasional person who has one line in the water who can out fish the person with twenty but in a game of numbers it isn’t usually the case.

Having been in the business of Internet Marketing for a while, it has been quite obvious how money buys returns – that and a really smart strategy from the marketing company. But don’t despair, there are other factors as well that determine what the budget would be for your business to see real returns

Marketing Cost Factors

  1. The cost of your goods or service
  2. Competitive range – do you market worldwide or just to people within your community?
  3. How much work and time have you already put into your website and online marketing efforts?
  4. Competitive market – if you are selling a product that is within a highly competitive market such as supplements, t-shirts, or shoes it will take an absurd amount of time and money to compete.

What You Get For Your Money

So why should you pay for SEO and online marketing? Fortunately or unfortunately we live in a digital age and nearly everybody is researching where they will shop and how online. Today if somebody is looking for anything from a hotel to a mechanic, they will start online. People want to know whether a company is trustworthy, affordable, interesting, appealing, or worth their time and money.

If your website is outdated, broken and incompatible with tablets or phones, you have lost trust points. If you don’t have an updated and interesting Facebook presence, LinkedIn, Twitter or even Pinterest (depending on your industry) you lose points. And last, if your website doesn’t even show up in search engines for terms your potential clients are using, you have probably lost out completely.

arizona internet marketingStarting with an online audit of what your company is doing right and wrong is a good place to begin the process of building a marketing strategy. I have seen a lot of online audits from competitors and many of them look like they came out of a cookie cutter software, topped off with a huge price tag. As mentioned before, no two businesses are alike so audits should not be similar either.

Audits done properly take a lot of time and energy by the marketing professional as every piece of your online business is examined including how your website functions, how it is performing, how your social media outlets look and are being used, which outlets you are missing, how your ad campaigns are set up (if you are using online advertising), and much more.

The results are a road-map built just for you along with pricing of what it will cost to take the journey.

Happily, we can say that the companies who put their full trust in us and the whole map have seen an increase in returns of up to 20% giving them ROI’s of 462%. This makes everybody happy and this is why we love this business.

Yes, there is a risk in investing in marketing as there always has been, whether you put up a print ad, radio ad, TV ad or however you have advertised in the past. But today, if you aren’t investing in your digital presence you competition will move ahead of you quickly and it will cost more to catch up – but in the end, the rewards are well worth it.


Audit your web presence today with SEO Essential Solutions or call us and let’s talk about your business.